Acrobatic Gymnastics (Sport Acrobatics)


Acrobatic Gymnastics (Sport Acrobatics)

Acrobatic Gymnastics (previously called Sport Acrobatics) is a sport based on gymnastics in which a team of gymnasts work together to perform acrobatic moves in combination with dance moves to form various figures. All routines are performed to background music.

The main objective of the sport is to perform three types of routines,

  • Balance : These routines involves holding static in certain formations, typically towers or pyramids, for specific time durations. It tests athletes for strength and flexibility.
  • Dynamic : These routines involves throws, catches, twists and somersaults, that test athletes for power and strength.
  • Combined : This routine has to included elements from both balance and dynamic routines.

In Acrobatic Gymnastics, each routine is judged based on three components, artistic, execution and difficulty. Artistic component looks for choreography and moves in sync to music. Execution looks for technical aspects of the routine, and the Difficulty component looks for the degree of difficulty of the moves performed.

Acrobatic GymnasticsAcrobatic Gymnastics


Points are awarded for each routine on a 10 point scale. The team with the most points for all three routines combined is declared as the winner.

Acrobatic Gymnastics/Sport Acrobatics is part of the World Games event, and is exclusively contested in the  Acrobatic Gymnastics World Championships.

Similar Sports

  • Sport Aerobics — the objective is to perform high-intensity gymnastic moves in sync with background music.
  • Calisthenics — a competitive team sport in which athletes perform elements of rhythmic gymnastics and ballet
  • Cheerleading — a dubious sport in which groups of cheerleaders do routines that are subjectively assessed.
  • Pole Dancing — participants perform various types of acrobatic moves like spins, climbs, twists and body inversions around a pole.
  • Aesthetic Group Gymnastics — a team sport where a large group of gymnasts perform coordinated continuous movements.
  • Rhythmic Gymnastics — uses the elements of ballet, gymnastics, dance, and apparatus manipulation.

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